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Fun idea! Reminds me of the Swarm Intelligence simulator http://unu.ai/what-is-unu/. I wish I didn't have to login to vote, though! You'd likely get much higher engagement, though I'm sure you do it to maintain voting integrity and protect against click bots.
@thejmoore Thanks for the feedback, you don't have to login to vote, you need to login to create new polls! Try voting directly from here: http://oneclickbattle.com/poll/w...
@dontanios Oh! Thanks so much for jumping in and clarifying. I was checking things out on my phone this morning, so maybe it was just acting up on my end. Great stuff!
Cool idea. What's up with the "A" & "B" Javascript alert when I load the page? You guys working in production? :P
@dandigangi it's plagued with xss
@tonybrix @dandigangi Yup. Looking in the dev tools, the a and b popups are from an xss attack.
@dandigangi Javascript injection :( fixed it for now, working on a permanent fix :) thanks for testing it!
@dontanios Cool product , what makes a vote unique the ip adresse ? what use cases are you seeing for your product ? and which features for premium ones ?
Thanks @otymix! Yes IP address is one of the factors to make a vote unique. We want to allow people to create quick polls and to be able to share them on their own platforms. Realtime is very important for that. For now Premium offers more polls and customization but we are still evaluating the options, we might move away from any paid plans and focus on add-ons. How's @OneTapVote going?
@dontanios Awesome ! yes it's been a pretty good success with 56 countries who voted, i used the same approach based on ip adress, and i'm thinking about iteration of @oneTapVote as a voting plateform for X , i need to make it more simple and bassic but i think there's a real need for such plateforms , @oneclickbattle is a very good start ! Longue vie au projet :-)
@otymix @onetapvote @oneclickbattle Merci! Longue vie à vous aussi! :) Let's keep in touch!
@dontanios @onetapvote @oneclickbattle Absolutely !! je pense qu'on aura pleins de feedback mutuellement à se partager d'ici quelques semaines, et bravo encore au succès, Keep in touch :-)
This is cool - I could see it being a great way to gather internal information and run corporate surveys.
@j_r_wi11iams This shows the user the current standings before they vote though, which wouldn't be good for corporate surveys or anything where you want truly accurate data. I think this is better for more lighthearted, social polls.
@ustinknight it depends on the culture of your company.
@j_r_wi11iams @ustinknight We are testing with hiding results before vote, thanks for the feedback it's very helpful!
@j_r_wi11iams I was referring more to Bandwagon Effect than anything to do with company culture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ba...
Would like to be able to make my own poll and then embed in a Slack post
@yangstax Slack integration is coming soon! I will keep you posted! Thanks for the feedback!
@yangstax hey Tony, we added the Embed option for web but not yet for Slack. We are working on that, I'll keep you posted but let me know if you give this option a try for now. Thank you!