One Big Thing

Focus on your biggest task every day

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Jennifer Read Pleman
@slowfoodie · TV editor
I wish there was an Android version.
Brenden Mulligan
@mulligan · Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
I love this. Great idea with simple beautiful execution by @dburka and Nick!
Sam Chadwick
@companytrends · Strategy @ Thomson Reuters
It would be great to combine this with the concept many fitness apps use: a cumulative score for sequential days of achieving the goal.
Mike Orren
@mikeorren · President, Speakeasy
LOVE the app. Already seeing the fruits of using it to focus my unwieldy number of tasks in Wunderlist. I hate to suggest anything to muck with the simplicity, but I'd actually love a login option with a web version so I can keep it on my desktop screen throughout the day.
Nice app. I would upgrade/use if I could pull in tasks assigned to me in Trello.