One App for Android

Read Product Hunt, HN, DN, Reddit, Medium on Android

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One App for Mac launched last week, hitting the top of PH. I like the simplicity of this, @xunstop. It might curb the thirst of an official Product Hunt app. :)
Hi everyone! I'm the creator of One App. Thank you @rrhoover. And thank you to everyone who loves One App for Mac. This community is really nice. AMA.
Can we put it all in one feed with icons to tell you where it's from?
@ryandetzel yep, will do.
Great to see more of these all in one apps coming out. Kudos @xunstop (:
In the android app, I'd like it more if it opens the default browser. Or at least let me copy the url :D
@themarksteve will do in next verison. This version is more like a rapid prototype.