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#2 Product of the WeekFebruary 12, 2020
Our stories-on-the-web are designed for interactions (polls, open questions, sliders...) 🀝
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I've been a beta tester of Once since the very early days last summer. So I'm very happy to hunt it today for its public self-serve release ✌️ The story format sets a whole new paradigm for design tools. Consumers create stories on their phones / Businesses are used to sophisticated design tools on desktop. To my mind, Once is just the right compromise between those: a desktop editor with Instagram-like features! It's the most intuitive story editor I've came across - and its embedded engagement elements (open questions, polls, sliders,...) really recreate the story experience on the web! Better than words, check out the Customer Care story Cowboy made with Once πŸ‘‰ https://play.once.app/ck0dzs17e0...
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Hey all 😊 First of all, a big thank you to @jeremylv for hunting us! πŸ™ Once is a webapp to create interactive stories, share them on the open web and make them gather actionable data. Our beta users got really creative πŸ€“ - Convert leads by starting a dialogue - https://play.once.app/ck6g8wq6bu... - Measure client satisfaction - https://play.once.app/ck6hvkbhi0... - Showcase & test a new offer - https://play.once.app/ck6gcpqc8u... - Research your market - https://play.once.app/ck6gcqwkyu... - Plan your events with your guests - https://play.once.app/ck6gcr7ovu... We have been working super hard with them for this public launch and we hope you'll join the story revolution with us πŸ€— Of course there is still much to be done but we are really excited to get your feedback today! We'll be here with you all day so please ask any questions you might have πŸ€“ Cheers ✌️
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Go Once! ⚑️ Super awesome way to engage with customers. I really like that the communication is two-ways: you not only share content, you also get to ask questions, all. in a fun way. I'll definitely use Once as a Typeform replacement for so many use cases! πŸ”₯
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@mehdi_b Thanks for the lovely comment πŸ€—
The future of data collections is here !
@chnsydney Thanks for the support πŸ’ͺ
Love the product, the vision and the team behind Once ! It's a fun way to engage with prospects, candidates, and the like. Creating an intimate connection with users is the cornerstone of building an awesome brand. The Once team is something big !
@adrien_van_den_branden Thanks for the kind and encouraging words !
awesome app! Already gave it a try and it surpassed all expectations! Good job
@unrealartemg Cheers Artem - it's an honour to have you onboard !