Keep a journal like a real life book.

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 02, 2018

Once - Journal/Diary/Note App is diary app focusing on immersive writing and reading memory. It supports rich text editing, multiple photos, weather temperature and location, different themes, book covers, iCloud sync and pdf export. Any suggestions, email: mooteeapps@outlook.com

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This app looks GORGEOUS! Will you make an Android version?
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@anna_0x Sorry...as we don’t have an Android programmer in team and some technical reasons, Android version is not on schedule: (...
@vicissiyuan :( Maybe a progressive web app then? I hope this gets really successful so that you'll be able to hire an Android developer!
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@anna_0x umm... that may be taken into account. Thanks for suggestions!
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Would be a loss for android users. What about security? I think people wouldn't want anyone to read their thoughts
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@asmekhov Face ID / Touch ID / four-ditigal password supported. And all the data is on iCloud : )
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Somewhere between my apple notepad and my evernote web app. Wish I had something similar to this years ago ;)
Definitely looks gorgeous :) I, too, am Android unfortunately. I have similar concerns with security. Wish I could test it out.