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Very similar model to Coffee Meets Bagel. What I like about this approach is that browsing singles are pulled into a long stretch of swiping and searching. Of course, the space is super competitive and Once isn't that useful until you reach critical mass in each geography that you serve. How are you acquiring users, @oncejean?
Hey Hunters, If you could give my app a try.. It would mean the world to me. Once a day, we send you one match. You see each other at the same time. You have 24 hours to decide if you like each other. We tried to build a beautiful app and really focus on the quality of the matches. You really see each others at the EXACT same time which will give you 24 hours of her/his full attention. It will take 2 sec of your day to check your match. No need to swipe for hours to get a date. You can see this as another dating app... And you would be probably right but that one won't take away your time. One more chance to find true love :) Thank you so much for trying!
I really like your landing page...dead simple and easy to quickly understand your product. Nice work.
@coryshaw Thank you Cory. It's reflecting our old flow though :) We should make it more relevant.
@coryshaw @oncejean Haha, keeping up with marketing's visuals when your app evolves as fast as it does in the early stages is always hard. Being on the marketers' end, this is my life:)
Congrats on the launch! Great work :)
Hi Ryan, We rely on a Campus ambassador networks, some PR and some secret growth hacking recipe :) Very similar from Coffee Meets Bagel indeed. Just trying to execute better. On Coffee Meets Bagel, they use a queue for their matching... You can get a match that will see you only in a month. We are also trying to scale faster. Just released in 32 countries and 7 languages. A n+1 dating app but we'll try to make our way out of it.
@oncejean in what ways do you think CMB isn't executing well? Curious about what aspects you're focused on improving...
Hi @chrismessina. Here are the ways we are trying to improve: - Quality of the matching: We believe Social Background and Physical Attraction are more important than your common likes or friends - Same day matching: We even send you a one-time view notification - Scalability: We use geolocalization unlike CMB - UX/UI and general experience
@chrismessina @oncejean Curious to hear how once sorts the Social Background and Physical Attraction to each user's taste. Real valuable elements, but hard to get it right at scale. It's a very neat product.
@chrismessina @alexyoungkwon Some cluster analysis for the Physical Attraction and good proxies for the Social Background :)
@oncejean that's amazing 32 countries and 7 languages! I notice your website/landing page is only in English...we should talk, let's get the 6 more languages up on the website ;) Congrats for the app and best of luck!