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Hey Everyone, One of my favorite hobbies is bringing people together. I especially love bringing great entrepreneurs together who are about to start, join, or just explore their next "thing." Think of this like a Global EIR community. If this is you, fill out the form and let's jam! (100% Confidential :) Would love to hear feedback! Edit: YC, Slow, and Ludlow Ventures are our first "collaboration partners" signed up -- if you'd like to help host and/or sponsor email me at erik.torenberg@gmail.com. That would be VCs who meet great entrepreneurs before they start next co (if they opt-in), or great companies that want to meet top tech talent as they explore whether to start or join their next thing (if they opt-in :)
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@eriktorenberg @gmail Congrats Erik, this looks awesome.
@eriktorenberg @gmail This looks great man, congrats on putting this out there!
@eriktorenberg @gmail Congrats, this looks great! Applied!
When people ask me how to break into the startup world, I tell them to get in a room and start talking and doing all they can to be helpful. Cheers to Erik for creating the room. We have all needed this for so long.
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@sacca πŸ‘ πŸ’―
@sacca Thanks for the support Chris.
We're excited to support these events and meet potential YC founders through it.
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@mwseibel Excited for lots of people On Deck to go through YC
I'm going to go to as many On Deck stuff as I can because I know I'll meet someone awesome who's working on cool shit.
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@ariellezuck Yes! Thank you AZ
An On Deck brunch helped introduce me to the Valley. An On Deck dinner helped me connect the dots for my last move. The On Deck community makes up my personal advisory board. TL;DR - if you want to be inspired for your next idea and meet great people while doing it, you have to join On Deck.
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