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Christopher Michael
Christopher MichaelHunter@castig
Hey Product Hunt! I hope you enjoy this book. It's a great read. I'd love to chat, or field any questions you might have about it. Enjoy! -Chris
Michael I. Brooks
Michael I. Brooks@michaelibrooks · Community Coordinator, FGF
@castig Thanks, Chris! I'm most of the way through this book and have found it (as cliche as it sounds) pretty life changing. I've begun using introspection to find not just want I'm good at, but what demands my passion and purpose, then putting in the work. I thought that at some point, the 'Just do it' message would get old and tired, yet Ryan drives home the point effectively, with many examples to boot. It's a great intro into the underlying principles of stoicism, plus a great analysis on the many ways the ego can mislead, misinform and lead you astray.
Christopher Michael
Christopher MichaelHunter@castig
@michaelibrooks Yeah, I totally agree. I didn't enjoy his last book quite as much, but this one really spoke to me.
Natwar Maheshwari
Natwar Maheshwari@natwar86 · Founder, Around.io
Saw this awesome talk about "Ego is the Ememy" in Google office. Worth watch for someone who is on the fence to buy the book: