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Ridiculously cheap and simple airport parking.

We partner with facilities near the airport to provide you with the cheapest rates for near airport parking. Our web app allows you to conveniently book, use, and review airport parking reservations.

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Hi everyone! 😜 I’m SOoOo pumped we’re launching today on Product Hunt!!! We launched our hacked together MVP here a year ago, https://www.producthunt.com/post..., and from that point on we’ve been working our butts off to provide our partners and travelers all of the customization and ease they’ve requested. Creating this product in SF as a non-technical founder has been a roller coaster of a journey and it’s so nice to be able to share it! If there are any founders or entrepreneurs with any struggles, please let me know how I can help! A big thank you to our team for being so diligent in the process of putting our web app together. It started with a beautiful design and ended with an excellent PM/ engineer combo! Congrats guys! On Air Parking was created to provide ridiculously cheap airport parking at 5 star facilities -- while making the process super simple (i.e- $3.99/ day Denver Airport Parking). If you normally don’t park near the airport, this is now an option when you don’t want to take an Uber or Lyft. Parking with us can actually be cheaper and simpler. A core belief in our company is that the most powerful way to live is by giving love to others. We’ve found that through our company we can give love by “giving the people what they want.” (see video above ^). Though the people definitely want ridiculously cheap prices and 5 star facilities.. our process wasn’t super simple. New super simple features include: Securely stored information/ login. Cancel/modify/ change reservations. See past, current, and future reservations. Additional features allow us and our partners to better manage inventory. Thank you so much for checking this out! If you have any feedback, please let us know! We would LOVE to hear it! 🙏 As a sign of our appreciation to you, we’re giving $5 off purchases for the next two months with the coupon code: welovesph
@pmm621 airport parking could use some convenient competition.
@davidsmooke Yes!! The airports tend to raise rates instead of finding ways to.. wait for it.. give the people what they want :).
@pmm621 cool idea :) How did you build the site as a non-technical founder? Also wondering why the fees are so high? I live in Pittsburgh and will be flying soon, but the $13 fee makes it more expensive than just parking at the airport.
@daviswbaer Thanks for the questions! And Pittsburgh is my hometown (Go Stilllers!). I wish I could say the build was easy as a non-technical founder.. but it wasn't mostly due to me ignoring some sage advice I had read online. The successful steps I did use to build the site were the following though: 1. Built the MVP (Top Airport Parking) with Weebly. Typeform was our reservation booking tool. Once reservations were booked we used Zapier zaps to manage everything from payments to vendors (Google Sheets) all the way to text message notifications (Twilio).. I'm going to make a blog post on all of the tools I used and how for this.. I think it's so important for any kind of founder to start with this model, as it helps you see what features you want to add to your real build. This is advice I didn't take on the first go around. So once we made literally thousands of iterations on the MVP, and heard a lot of feedback from our travelers and partners (i.e- Travelers- we want to cancel/ change reservations, Partners- we want to manage pricing/ inventory).. we were ready for our product build. 2. Had an awesome designer @sanju_varma put my site specs into a design. Sanju maybe you have advice for others on how to find awesome designers like yourself.. I found him through a reference, but perhaps Dribble? 3. I found a great PM @ramyakrishnamoorthy to help manage our amazingly talented Brazilian engineer @pablo_villagra to build the product out. Asana was a lifesaver for us during the process. I found Pablo through Upwork actually and Ramya from Indeed. I vetted through many others before them, and worked with a couple beforehand too-- but once I started working with them both on smaller projects for Top Airport Parking, I knew we'd all be a great fit for the On Air Parking build. Thanks so much for asking.. it's nice to give them more credit for their awesome work. In terms of the Pittsburgh option.. I know :(. We had a $2.75/ day rate for.. ev....er but since our partners have all been selling out for summer bookings, they've been increasing their rates. I'm working on getting this back down. In the meantime.. Anyone that wants to try us out in Pittsburgh can e-mail me: patrick@noson.io and I'll refund half of your payment (feel free to use the $5 off too).. This way you can see what kind of awesome partners we have.. and also see the difference from parking directly at the airport. As a funny side note.. my parents live in Bethel Park, PA and never used our site and kept parking out of PIT when they were traveling. They finally used us not too long ago and were very please :).. they didn't realize anything like off-airport parking existed.
@daviswbaer 😳 Thanks!! Fixed.
@pmm621 No way - I live in Cranberry Twp :) Cool to hear how you put it all together. And thanks for the generous offer!
I just tried booking from Orlando airport (MCO) & there isn't any availability on any weekends I checked for the next 2 months. Is it high demand or are you just checking what people's interest is right now or working on securing more partnerships? If there's availability & it's easy to go through the check out process, I'd like it because we do spend way too much on airport parking or looking for cheaper options.
@simranarora oh no! I'm sorry! No MCO should be live and not sold out for any weekends. Checking into this now. Feel free to e-mail me in the meantime if you'd like patrick@noson.io -- we're still live on our old site with these options, but I'd love for you to be able to experience the new platform :)
@simranarora sorry about that! We had it set as "sold out". It is now live, and I just made a test order to confirm. Feel free to purchase when you'd like https://onairparking.com/parking... Thanks again for letting us know, and if you need anything, please e-mail me! We'd love your feedback of the whole process when you return from your travels if you don't mind!
"Once you make a reservation, you will be emailed the name of the parking lot and its address. " -> Those cheap parking places are mostly in unsafe neighborhood, open and not covered, with lot of bad reviews on yelp that complains about burglary and damages to cars. If you don't give us a choice, do you cover the damages?
@patelpriyank thanks for asking, and very great points! This has unfortunately been a part of the industry for some time.. unsafe lots. Someone will come in to an area and start selling airport parking without a license and their cars aren’t always safe. We never work with unlicensed facilities or hotels and only work with 4 or 5 star facilities. To add, as it seems you know airport parking quite well, we only work with facilities with very frequent shuttle times (every 10/ 15 minutes), and we also ask for feedback through reviews and NPS. If an NPS falls below 75 we drop a partner. The coolest feeling is having a traveler that is use to the lots you mentioned come on to our site. They need to save money so they take a risk, and then they’re blown away with who they’re paired with! We offer free cancellations for any reason also. Please try us out, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you do, we’d also love your feedback!
@pmm621 ok. Will try next time

It is a SCAM, you are getting charged for early arrival and late departure with a ridiculous amount. It is cheaper to park at the airport than to go with this comapny. They are here to stiff you. Never go with them


No Pros


Pricing is Shady. No airport parking has shuttle, Bad customer service

Hey @ashish_mishra3 so sorry you had a bad experience with our service! I tried sending you an e-mail but haven't heard anything back yet. Please e-mail me us at hello@noson.io and we'll help make things right. Please excuse the rest of my comment, it is not to discount your comments, but more-so to keep confidence with other potential travelers! On Air Parking works hard to find the best facility partners in all of our markets and to truly make the process as seamless as possible for travelers like you. We typically offer parking for the cheapest rate in a market at 5 star rated facilities with shuttles that run every 10 minutes. In BOS we do have some "Park and Ride" facilities that, as we note, don't offer transportation. It's a cheap blue line ride or Uber/ Lyft ride to the airport. And, at $9.99/ day, even with these fees-- we're able to provide our travelers with much better rates than the airport!