OMW (On My Way)

Share when you'll be there in real-time

#4 Product of the DayJuly 15, 2014
Super excited about this launch... it's like waiting for your uber driver to arrive except it's someone you love :)
@BlendahTom Thanks Tom! Love the description
Congratulations to the Studio Tentpole team (@bradmahler and @marktholking) on this!! The guys built an amazing hack for Netflix (when the API was open, of course) and a Pinterest barcode scanner called LoveList.
I'm so pumped on this idea. What are your plans for the future? And thoughts on App Store pricing? Are there ways to get above the $0.99 cheapo limits with OMW?
@SDMattG There's actually a lot of links behind the psychology of that price point. Really great reads. Check it out:
@imcatnoone I get why it's $0.99 instead of $1.00 - but I hate that the value of mobile apps has been driven so low across the board. It should be easier for a business to survive off of app sales reliably without being the one big winner in its category. Maybe that's possible for many apps currently, just a bit hard to believe any business could survive on essentially $0.69/customer (one-off, not recurring), factoring in Apple's cut. I know as a SaaS, it's incredibly difficult to operate and grow unless charging an average of well over $10/month. Sweet spot being around $50 - $100+/mo. (Ignoring funded companies that aren't focused currently on profitability)
This is a fantastic product that can potentially save a ton of lives.
@imcatnoone Thanks Cat, we agree it is a huge problem. We found out while working on it that every 30 seconds in the US there is a crash involving drivers using cell phones and texting, and mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel. Definitely a problem worth fixing.
What's even more interesting is that it could be a cool hack to actually use for a local delivery business.
@BlendahTom Love the idea Tom. It would be great to help delivery businesses get an edge over competitors for free by using OMW, and eventually build them their own branded versions.