One link to rule them all.

Omnilink is a free tool that allows you to create a unique landing page with multiple redirections using one unique link. Powered by Iconosquare.
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👋 Hi, Most social media platforms only give you the ability to post one link in your bio - this can be a tricky hurdle to overcome for any business. Why should you have to choose between your different content? Well, you no longer have to! 🙅‍♀️ Introducing Omnilink! A FREE tool to help you create a unique landing page with multiple redirections using one unique and shareable link. Powered by Iconosquare. Omnilink offers tons of valuable features including: - Custom shareable link to redirect your visitors to your digital world - Customizable landing pages - In-depth analytics - Multiple profile management and much more…! What’s next? More awesome features are coming soon including themes and templates, more customization and new link types! We hope you’ll enjoy using Omnilink! We’d love to hear your feedback. 🙏
Hmm how's this different from Page or Linktree
@amirnikzad Hi Amir,  Thanks for your question and your interest in Omnilink! Omnilink differs from the 2 tools you mention in a few ways. Firstly, it allows you to feature all your content like your website, your social profiles, your blog, your Youtube videos, your Instagram feed, your latest blog posts and much more, on a landing page which you can customize to suit your style and brand image. Secondly, our tool is a free alternative to Linktree which also offers multiple profile management, allowing you to manage up to 10 pages from one account. Page, is slightly different as it limits you to hosting only your social media profiles.
Great Ui/Ux, I'd appreciate having more built-in templates instead of having to build mine. Beside that, awesome tool that already makes me save time. I don't need to update IG bio anytime. Especially useful when managing multiple accounts
@jonasc Hi Jonas, thank you so much for your feedback! Regarding built-in templates, you'd be happy to know that our team is currently working on it, we'll offer ready-to-use themes and templates :)
Great Work! Totally in love with the user interface!
@harsh_gelda Thank you for your feedback, glad you like Omnilink :)
This look really great!
@yuzumetrix Thank you Gergely ! Don't hesitate to try it, it's 100% free and let us know what you think :)