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#4 Product of the DayNovember 22, 2017

Omnify is an all-in-one scheduling & management software. Whether you are a local or online business, you will never have to face scheduling issues again thanks to Omnify.

Omnify provides all the tools you need to set-up an online service store, take bookings and collect payments thus giving your clients the best booking experience!

  • Rg Enzon
    Rg EnzonI craft personal brands 🎉

    Simple, easy to use, clean UI, professional looking store in less than 5 minutes!


    None at the moment

    Love Omnify!

    That's where I'm going to start and end my review. I've got over 20 active store subscriptions that I find very innovative to set up a store for clients needing their services listed and sold in one place.

    Easily connectable to Wordpress and other webhooks imaginable. The Zapier integration is the bomb too!

    When you think of Shopify, you think of it as the place where makers sell their products. Think of Omnify as the place where you market your services.

    Support is amazing at answering my questions as well. So really, you're in good hands.

    Try em out!

    Rg Enzon has used this product for one week.
  • Varun Jain
    Varun JainCo-Founder @ SendX ( )

    Love Omnify. It’s an amazing product and their newly released Service Store looks great! Waiting for them to roll out demo scheduling now.


    Nothing at the moment.

    It is extremely easy to use and I only had to go through the tutorials once to set everything up. The layout is also clean and easy to navigate. The functions are very responsive.

    Varun Jain has used this product for one month.
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kabandi saikia
kabandi saikiaMakerHiring@kabandisaikia · Co-founder @ getomnify
Hi everyone! 👋 First of all, big thanks to @kwdinc for hunting us! I am Kabandi, Co-Founder @getomnify We're super excited to share Omnify with all of you. Omnify is what you can call ‘Shopify for Services’ We launched Omnify about 14 months back and since then we've on-boarded more than 4,000+ new businesses ❤️ Omnify is a super cool scheduling & business management platform which enables you to sell any kind of services from one place, be it group classes, courses, recurring subscriptions, appointments or events. Omnify helps you do all of these and more from one single app. Best part, it takes you less than 10 minutes to set up! 🙌 With Omnify, you get- 👉 Your own Service Store, Check out a few examples stores- 👉 Manage all your upcoming Schedules, Attendees, Clients and more from the Omnify Go Mobile App - We're really excited to hear what you all think. Check out our product roadmap as well- PS: We’re thrilled to offer all Product Hunters 50% Lifetime discount on all our yearly plans! Use this coupon code: PH_OMN 😇
Nitesh Manav
Nitesh Manav@niteshmanav · Just google : Nitesh Manav
Oh wow! Happy to #Omnify finally hunted on PH. :) I was indeed missing it here. I have used Omnify and it does full justice to the tagline 'Shopify for services'. I love it's UI and functionality richness. It's easy to create service-shop and add services. Though, to fully justify the tagline, I would love to have a 'Shopify' like options to use 'Premium Themes/templates' in the future. Congratulations team @kabandisaikia and @manik_me :)
Ananyaman Baruah
Ananyaman BaruahMakerHiring@ananyaman11 · Design Lead at Omnify Inc.
@niteshmanav Hey Nitesh. Thank you so much :) Glad you're loving Omnify. We're continuously trying to improve the platform based on valuable inputs such as yours. And Premium themes are definitely on our roadmap. Keep an eye out ;) · NJ Events
I have a monthly subscription for Omnify and absolutely love it. The service is easy to use and can be customized to my needs. Omnify replaces the high fees of an event booking platform and I am loving it. All the best to the hard working, innovative and responsive Omnify team. A job very well done.
kabandi saikia
kabandi saikiaMakerHiring@kabandisaikia · Co-founder @ getomnify
@n_events Thank you so much 😊
Anshuman Baruah
Anshuman Baruah@anshumanbaruah1 · Director of Business Development, Frrole
Great product. Highly recommended. Congrats @kabandisaikia and @manik_me 👍🏻
Manik Mehta
Manik MehtaMakerHiring@manik_me · Omnify, Inc
Manan Shah
Manan Shah@mananshah212 · Hustler, @recruiterflow
Finally! It's really easy to use and super quick to setup and customize. Great product
Ananyaman Baruah
Ananyaman BaruahMakerHiring@ananyaman11 · Design Lead at Omnify Inc.
@mananshah212 Thank you so much. Glad you're loving Omnify :)