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I'd like to hear from the makers about how they made the technical leap to shrink the AC power supply circuitry to the size of a standard 20,000mah DC battery pack. Honestly this seems like vaporware and their campaign doesn't elaborate on the details. They also don't list UL certifications which concerns me with an A/C and Lithium Ion battery product. From viewing their renders / photos it doesn't appear to even have sufficient heat sinking to manage all the heat charging / discharging will create at those power specs. Edit: I see they've listed UL on their spec sheet, so they're aware they need it but I am certain they have not filed with UL, CE or FCC. Hoping the makers can chime in
@shaun_springer I've been seeing this product plastered all over the Internet and have been wondering the same thing. I HOPE it's possible but it really seems like a stretch given what's involved in taking a DC battery to 120 V AC. These days, however, most of what I need to power is DC anyway so making a leap from AC only to go back to DC is wasteful. Instead I picked this RAVPower portable power bank: Unlike all the other power banks out there, it lets you choose between 9, 12, 16, and 20 volts and gives you pretty much every DC adapter you could imagine. I've been able to power my Korg M50 piano keyboard for 10 hours off of it. Total game changer.
A portable battery pack with an AC plug! Can't wait for this game changer.
the product looks superb, but i dont think there will be a huge market for something like this. regular 20k power banks start at $20, but im guessing this one will cost at least 5x of that. it does offer a regular socket output, but do we really need that? all portable products are going usb-c. smartphones, tablets, laptops. i can already charge these with cheap power banks today. why would i use this for camera batteries if i could just buy another camera battery for a fraction of the price?
@gopietz That's the whole difference of this, it is the battery pack that a lot of people actually need! A proper socket to charge laptops! Finally!!
@cataplines as i said: also laptops are going usb-c. you can already buy them today. in a year or two all laptop will ship with usb-c as a power connector. thats why i believe the market for a product like this is shrinking while other alternatives are getting cheaper by the day.
@gopietz @cataplines Fun fact about power outlets is that they support a lot of other things besides laptops ;) If you wanted, you could plug in a TV with this thing.
@shortformernie @cataplines haha, youre right of course. and dont get me wrong, i really like this product. i just wanted to share my opinion that they need to hurry with delivery and get the price right. and although you could power everything with it, i decided to concentrate on portable devices ;) however, watching the second season of Narcos at Burning Man would have been nice...
Chargetech already makes a similar product that u can buy right now
This is indeed a dramatic change in charging tech. Why exactly hasn't someone else created a portable battery with an AC charger before? I thought it just had to do with the amount of drawing power a portable could give. I searched for something like this for probably an hour recently before going on a trip. Hopefully this works the way its promised. I would love to be able to charge my laptop for things like video editing on long plane flights.
@evankimbrell Well there's this which I have really considered buying for roadtrips, which I do quite frequently: but it's soooo big But I'm in the same boat. I've searched for something like this (small with AC), but haven't been able to find anything.