Omni Ultimate

Powerful charger for all your portable devices ⚡️

Omnicharge is back with its third crowdfunding campaign, the Omni Ultimate - a power innovation designed for your most demanding devices

✅ AC Outlet: 120W Pure Sine Wave

✅ DC Out: 150W (Adjustable Voltage & Amperage)

✅ USB-C Port: 60W (Input & Output)

✅ 2 x USB-A Ports (QC 3.0 compatible)

✅ 40,300 mAh (2.5 Hour Recharge Time)

✅ Removable Battery

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1 Review3.5/5
Surprised this isn't higher up. I have the original Omni 20 and couldn't be happier with it. Went against my rule and pre-ordered this because it's double the capacity and has replaceable batteries. Being able to bring one of these and a replaceable battery with you would allow you to keep a MacBook Pro going hard for like 12 hours, or soft for like 18 hours.
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