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After hearing about the French gymnast breaking his leg, the woman cyclist (who was leading) with the epic crash, the brit breaking his own world record in the 100m Breastroke....reminds me there is SO much that goes on with the Olympics. This bot aims to help you keep up to date!
This bot is the need of the hour. Can't wait to see Deepa Karmakar's 'Produnova' vault again. Fast and Intuitive. Awesome work MindIQ team!
Thanks for sharing this Ben. This will definitely help me keep up with everything in the Olympics !
Thanks Ben Tossell for hunting. I am one of the developers of this bot. This bot was developed using MindIQ platform. We are releasing our public beta platform soon. Signup for early access here http://mindiq.in/signup Checkout our product video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?ti... PS: I am one of the co-founder at MindIQ (http://www.mindiq.in)
@devenbhooshan is this official/sanctioned by the Olympdicks?
hey @chrismessina ! no this was our internal bot created for users to get general updates about Rio Olympics . Is there anything wrong ?
@chrismessina Olympdicks removed our bot from messenger :( Even though we removed everything (logos etc)
@devenbhooshan yup. Not at all surprised. Lame.
Would love it if they summarized the Olympics solely in GIFs, but sadly that probably won't happen.