A devilishly speedy toy controlled by your phone

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I don't think I've wanted anything as much in my life!
The Ollie is a remote control robot toy that takes commands from your iPhone or Android device. Effective as both a robot and a toy, Ollie is twice as large as the Sphero and because it has two wheels, it can perform eye-popping stunts.
Hey all - Ross from the Sphero team here. Feel free to ask any questions about Ollie! We'll be here all day answering.
Sphero is fun with the kids.
Hmm. Any plans for expansion on future models, @rossingram ? This looks like a fun toy, but I think a flying Ollie-drone with a camera attached - one that still fits easily in your pocket and stands up to a little rough-and-tumble (Perhaps one that uses the smartphone camera feed to auto-focus on specific targets) would become very popular very quickly - with stronger, more substantial use-cases, too.
@ReubenMetcalfe Possibly! We've invented a lot of crazy/cool technology with Sphero, and now Ollie... so we're always hacking and prototyping new products. The ones the have the best play experience are the ones we make. This is very different from most toy/robot companies.