Olio City

Curates the best of what a city has to offer.

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Olio City has become one of my critical tools for business travel. They offer curated list (not algorithms, not relying on crowdsourcing) for cities like Nashville, St. Louis, and Chicago, where a SF guy like me has no idea where to start. Highly recommend.
As a native St. Louisan, turned Chicagoan, I've been loving the content in the app. It's great for when we're heading back to the STL to visit family with our kids or just want to check out something new in Chicago.
Curated for what type of person specifically? What's the business model? Who produces content, and what's their incentive to do so?
@drewmeyers Hi Drew- thanks for the interest in our product. Curation for our app means we filter out all restaurants that aren't local, so no national chains or fast food. We go neighborhood by neighborhood identifying these places then we create original content around each listing. We employ local bloggers and food writers who already have this knowledge. We then learn your "likes and dislikes" to recommend things similar through our learning algorithms.
@ellen_prinzi1 and you pay all those locals providing content a salary? How do you make money?
@drewmeyers the freelance writers we use do get paid. We monetize through sponsored listings and affiliate marketing.
@drewmeyers This looks like an interesting app to use! I am defintly adding this on my wish list!
Looks good! What do you mean by curated? There's a team behind manually sorting out places and stuff to do based on personal likes? I think a very simple matching algorithm for things like food&drinks wouldn't be bad. Best of luck! :)
@joselfgaray thanks for the comment! We do use an algorithm and its based off our curated database of the best in only local businesses. So we learn your likes and dislikes and make recommendations when you find yourself in a new neighborhood or a different city- no more searching or reading endless reviews:)
@ellen_prinzi1 sounds good Ellen! Have you thought of including vertical video or some format of that kind to make places more visual? I believe it's a trend that fits very well in Travel & Tourism
So... it's a... blog?
@robynchaaang Hi! No, its not a blog, its a mobile app that is a database of the best in only local (i.e. restaurants, bars, attractions and events) and its paired with a learning algorithm to personalize cities to each users taste.