Time travel across the world wide web using old browsers

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Obvious addition to my Nostalgic Apps collection. My favorite feature: I'M FEELING RANDOM" button
@rrhoover Either intentionally or unintentionally one of the slowest things I've ever come across... Tried to use the feeling random button and had to genuinely wait more than 20 minutes for it to show me some japanese website... Maybe this doesn't quite float my boat...
@bentossell the site's getting slammed since it was posted on PH. Earlier, it was instant.
@rrhoover yeah maybe thats the issue now... it wasn't even up on PH when I tried though ;)
@rrhoover glad you like it! I wasted a good hour crawling the site
Yeah it is pretty slow. I think this could be remedied through use of dial-up connection tones haha
Waiting for empty slot... At most 243 user(s) - takes a while. ......or is that part of the nostalgia
@halepeter haha that is what I mean!! I had the same problem
1743 users ahead of you ! Will i get webpage by mail ?