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The phone grip that doesn't suck

The ultra-thin, magnetic, one-finger grip you'll actually love.
Ohsnap is a non-invasive, premium phone grip that makes it simple and easy to use your phone, no matter the circumstance.
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o1xhackcs Student, iOS Developer
will it affect anything like Compass, Gyroscope, gps tracking? https://support.apple.com/en-us/...
There are several things that do not work for me. First, because it is basically a giant magnet, it adds significant weight to the phone. Second, the ring (finger grip) will not flatten back out, so it is basically always sticking out. Third, the ring holder makes a VERY flimsy stand. You really cannot touch the screen while it is in "stand mode" cause the phone will tip over every time (in both portrait and landscape modes). Lastly, and this is something I honestly didn't think about when I bought it, you can no longer wirelessly charge the phone when this is stuck on the back of it - it simply won't work, even if you pop out the snap as indicated (Note: I have the OhSnap mounted to a thin silicone case). If you rely on that, as I do, then this is a deal breaker.
The snap grip breaks after a few days. Very disappointing
@marc_b2 yeah, you aren't kidding. I bought 4, one broke after a few days and the second one feels like it is a few snaps away from breaking as well. Such a great idea, but such a disappointment.
They show the magic of it being able to charge wirelessly by popping out the snap. This was key for me - but it turns out that it can only do this if you DO NOT have any kind of a case. So you then have to choose between protecting your phone with a case (important for me), or giving up wireless charging if you want to use the Ohsnap. No thank you - I just wish I knew that before I bought them.
my ohsnap has been absolutely incredible. I have been using it for months now, and have no issues with it. Wireless charging works great on my iPhone with a case on it, and all other functions work as promised. Well worth the investment