Make your new project clean and clear, but also loud and attractive. The growing collection now includes 40 scenes in 5 business categories from education to medicine. Explore them all and create your own startup.
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Hey guys! Our team prepared something new, and we sure you’ll like it 😍 Oh My Startup Illustrations were created to help designers to describe ideas simply and in a stylish way. There are 5 categories of illustrations available for now: 📊 Analytics 📦 Delivery 📚 Education 🛴 Sharing 💊 Medicine Each of 40 illustrations combines nice gradients and crispy details. Oh My Startup perfectly works with any design project. Whether you create a presentation or website, landing page, or app, these illustrations are super easy to work with, customize, and enjoy the result! 🤩 SVG, PNG, Ai, Sketch, Figma files are included. Give us some feedback in comments and get a 30% discount by promo code «ph-30» for purchasing Craftwork products. Love, peace, illustrations ❤️
@andrey_pudov This project is working in this group. I can learn or buy design project which is helpful for me
Looks great. Will you be adding more illustrations later?
Love this style of illustrations! 👌
nothing was sent to my email !
@coder_coder Hi, William! Can you please clarify what email did you expect to receive?
@anastasiya_yavorskaya thnx for your reply, i mean the email that should be sent of the free version of illustrations
@coder_coder Oh, I see. It might be the Gumroad technical problems, we're sorry. Please tell me your email and I'll send you the link for download 😊
@anastasiya_yavorskaya yes please, so this is my email ->,and u would be more helpful if you send me the other free version of if faced the same problem don't ask me why i'm in love with your illustrations guys
@coder_coder Thanks for sharing your email. We've already sent you both links 😉
Working on a startup as a non-Designer is really hard without good illustrations. Thank you very much for making these. This is really helpful. Do you also consider creating a category for development/programming/coding?
@sarensw Stephan, thanks a lot for such a pleasant feedback ❤️ Now we're concentrating on illustrations creation.