Less phone, more focus.

OffScreen provides more nature measurements of the screen time to help you track phone usage, and keep focused on what matters by just place your phone face down.
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founder of r/onlinecollective
Looks cool! Plans for android?
Allen Wang
Hi Everyone, We're rolling out a new digital detox app to help you manage better of your phone usage with more natural measurements, like: - First Pickup - Last Pickup - Your Real Sleep Time - Walking Life - Stationary Life Unlike alternatives to iOS Screen Time, OffScreen also provides a focus mode to break phone addiction by just flip your phone face down. You can keep focused on any habits including: - Working - Studying - Reading - Writing - Meditation - Exercise - Napping - Creating and unlimited tags you can customize. If you wanna take a break from your phone, please give it a try, it's now free for download on the App Store. Enjoy your unplugged life.
@creativewang Any plans for Android?
A great app that helps me spend less time on phone/ instagram and focus on my current work. The UI design is cute and the statistics ShareCard is cool! Love this app~
Love the doodles, very cute UI.
Just the app I need :). Good job!
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