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#5 Product of the WeekAugust 03, 2017

Your one-stop-shop to manage your office’s needs and boost your team’s productivity.

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Ben Lang
Ben LangMaker@benln · Shipping
Hey all! Alex and I put officekit together over the past few weeks at Spoke. The site is a collection of curated tools to boost office productivity. We made this for the office managers and people ops leaders who are always on the hunt for services to make their office a more delightful place. We also put together a giveaway with a few of the companies listed on the site (Breather, Poppin and others.) Feel free to drop your email on the site to enter 🔥 If you know of any incredible tools we're missing, love to hear!
Justin E. Harris
Justin E. Harris@envisionwithj · visionary, creative director
@benln 🙌🏾 Incredible.
David Klein
David Klein@dkleinof · Marketing and such
@benln Nice work!
Ram Rayavarapu
Ram Rayavarapu@ram_rayavarapu · CEO
@benln Unique and useful collection.
Daniel Senyard
Daniel Senyard@dsenyard · Product guy - travel, HR and media tech
@benln Great work. I've added this to 3 of my collections!
Alex Banaga
Alex BanagaMaker@alexbanaga ·
Hello PH World! Had a lot of fun putting this design together as well as building it. Always love to hear feedback :)
Paolo Perazzo
Paolo PerazzoPro@sivola · Building products, enterprise & consumer
Very cool design and idea. I actually found a service I was looking for. What about Kyber, top app in Office Management from Slack App Store?
Ben Lang
Ben LangMaker@benln · Shipping
@sivola Very cool, checking it out, thanks!
Simply beautiful and useful. Thanks for sharing and making this one.
Ben Lang
Ben LangMaker@benln · Shipping
@ytsirolnik thank you!
Alex Bouaziz
Alex Bouaziz@bouazizalex · Deel, MIT, Technion
Great list, thank you! I wish I was based in SF and could have Forward as a perk
Ben Lang
Ben LangMaker@benln · Shipping
@bouazizalex Try it out next time you're in SF, it's incredible