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The platform for your organizations’ office hours

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Killer UX, Simple easy to use. This should be used as a case study of what its like to have an awesome UX/UI design
@adamqureshi Thanks! We still have a long way to go, and many improvements to make. That said, we’re happy with how its progressing. (And we have some nice additions in the works that’ll start to appear in the weeks ahead!)
Great new feature!
@pjrvs Thanks! It’s something we’re curious about—both to see the uptake and to learn what different uses this feature will necessitate. In fact, we’ve already witnessed the first of these. UMN almost immediately had a feature request that we thought made sense, so we started to implement it. However, the addition they asked for grew into a much bigger thing (as is often the case). So, we’ve already retooled aspects of Officehours, and are working to build that out for release in the next few weeks. It’s fun pushing out new tools in this way. :-)
Very nice, simple UX & love that wizarded onboarding - that said - no @ProductHunt promo code? @officehourshq @karj @shelkie
@elizabethhunker Nice—glad to hear that you like it so far! Let me chat with @shelkie and see what we can do about getting a promo code for you, and other ProductHunters. :-)
@elizabethhunker Here’s what we’re thinking: 50% off your team’s subscription for 3 months. Please use promo code: TEAMHUNT. Sound good?
On @elizabethhunker’s request, we’ve opened up an exclusive offer for Product Hunt members. Receive 50% off your team’s subscription for the first 3 months. Please use promo code: TEAMHUNT. (Only active for the first 20 team signups.)
@karj AMAZING! Thank You! THIS is how you customer service, y'all.
Hi All, I’m Eric, one of the folks working on Officehours, and Officehours Teams. We’re pretty happy with this new offering and grateful that it’s seeing some interest here on Product Hunt. If you’re curious about why we did this, I wrote a bit about our motivations—and prospective use cases—on our blog: Meanwhile, I’m happy to answer any of your questions about this service. So, if you have any, feel free to ask. :-) Cheers! Eric