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Chris Steggles
@chrissteggles · A Snowboarder.
Over 500 up votes. Thanks everyone :)
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Chris Steggles
@chrissteggles · A Snowboarder.
I only launched this website a month ago, and so I'm keen on hearing some feedback. Any extra features you guys want to see added to OF? or any improvements?
Taylor Crane
@taykcrane · Senior Product Manager, Originate
Great site, well designed. What was your motivation for creating the site? Just a catalog of startup spaces? Avenue for startups to advertise job openings? Also, where does the data/photos come from?
Chikodi Chima
@chikodi · Mission Control // Moonshot
Great site @chrissteggles! I'd love to see the cities where the offices are located listed more prominently. I feel like location is the most important aspect of visual hierarchy after the company's name.
Michal Ptacek
@michael_ptacek · founder of Officelovin
Good job guys, I really like the design of the website and the way you think about it: good looking office = great hiring tool for startups and companies. Btw besides TC Cribs and OfficeSnapshots.com, was Officelovin.com your inspiration as well? :)
[deleted user]
Very cool, Chris! One of my favorite hunts in a long while, very impressed by the quality of your work in just one month, and just as much so by the beautiful offices featured. Thanks for putting this together. Edit: @rrhoover, why not feature your PH office here?