Let your students write, save and share their course notes.

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Hey all, Myself along with @ZackGilbert and @JasonDoesStuff have created a new software product for course makers. It's based off a pain both Jason and I had with making online courses and how the solutions for student workbooks kind of... well... sucked. PDFs take too long to make into fillable pages, Google Docs can be branded but students can easily accidentally delete that branding (and even the questions). So we made this. You can watch the teacher video to see how it works from a teacher's point of view or actually use a working WorkBook on our homepage (to see how it works for a student). We hope you enjoy! Paul. PS: We're also hosting a live, online event today if you want to chat with the founders or learn more about creating courses: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/ofcou...
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Hello! Technical founder here. Happy to answer any questions people might have.
@zackgilbert hello, I have a training company. I have just discovered this. So, for online courses, how can it be implemented in moodle, chamilo, etc? And for classroom?
@soniallatas Hi Sonia! It was can be implemented into any course software you might use that allows you to paste links or embed. Even if your course is email only, you can still use it by giving your students the link to a workbooks. We haven't check these specific course tools, but they should work fine for how ever you want to use it. Hope that answers your question! Happy to answer any more you have!
Congrats on this - been following along on the podcast.
@daniellelecomte Thanks! Glad to see so many IOH listeners on producthunt :)
@pjrvs Love the video walk through and that you can embed the workbooks - pretty sweet! This is going to help so many folks - right on.
I bought the early beta and I'm really impressed! This is exactly what's been missing from my current courses.
@mijustin WOOT! We're glad you got an awesome deal and we get to have you as a customer... for life 😁
@mijustin Woo! Can't wait to release all the new features today that we've got in the pipes 🎉
Having designed online courses and worked with a couple of online training companies, I've seen how challenging and time-consuming it can be to interact with students. Instructors either tend to go too far and are practically on call all the time, or don't interact with students enough because of the significant time drain. ofCourseBooks solves a big pain here because it provides a simple and sustainable way to interact with students. While providing a good reason for students to participate—getting help and having a record of their work. Really love this, and hope I get an excuse to use it. Nice work fellas!
@studiofellow Woo! Thank you sir! The pain is real :)