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I tried the VIVE VR at ComicCon this past year and this reminds me of the 3D drawing experience... which BLEW MY MIND. Excited to try this out.
This looks awesome - seems to be taking 'if you can think it you can build it' to a literal level! Very excited for the future of VR
This is incredible. Can't wait to try this.
When I see stuff like this, it always brings me back to the probably one of the bigger UI issues facing humanity today - designing stuff in 3D is incredibly not intuitive. CAD was designed for industrial use, and the learning curve is just way too steep. I think that's a big stumbling block on the path to 3D printing really blowing up. Someone's going to build an Adobe-esque suite of products (Autodesk? Oculus?) that really democratize CAD and it's going to abstract the complexity and be awesome. This gives me hope. It's funny, 5 years ago @cjschaefer and I took a pass at something like this (a pottery wheel on an iPad that exported the model to a printer for kids) and we weren't the right team at the right time, but it's an approach I still think will come to fruition.
@shloky You bring up a very good point. And actually for Brian and the team part of the excitement for Medium was not just to build a sculpting app, but to explore what a UI in this environment should be. I think they've gotten awfully close.
I tried this out at Oculus Connect this week. It's amazing and I could spend hours in Medium sculpting things (side note: the touch controllers are sooooo good)! It's already so well done and they aren't even finished building it yet.