Full screen Instagram for video

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The technology underneath Ocho is staggering. And the team is fantastic. I can see myself falling into 30 minute "ocho holes" pretty easily. PS - "Ocho Hole" is now trademarked.
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Howdy folks! I'm Jourdan, the co-founder and CTO of Ocho (with @Swerdlin). Please let me know if you have any questions about the product- I'm here to help, along with @mattzaffina and @maxstossel on the community team. We've had a ton of fun making Ocho for you, and we hope you love it as much as we do. <3 -J
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Hey @jourdanurbach ! Curious, what is the difference between this & Viddy? Product looks great!
(fwiw, this is an Ocho reference, not hating on the product here)
The obvious question is how is this significantly different from Vine, Instagram video, and other video-based social apps, @mattzaffina?
@rrhoover I think if you take some time to make use of the app, you'll see they're reimagining video as an interpersonal communication mechanism instead of just a static, postable content type.
@rrhoover, as @mbharrigan mentioned the ability to reply publicly to a video results in thematic threads. this is a different take on sharing / distribution
@rrhoover Hey there Ryan - thanks for having us on today. Ocho is the simplest way to shoot and share beautiful short form videos with the people you care about. We love Instagram as a photo app, but they never re-imagined their interface around video, so unfortunately that side of the platform has left a lot of folks feeling unfulfilled. Vine is so much fun! But it's a platform for vines (square gif-life videos made by vine stars- not generally mainstream celebrities or your friends) - not videos. Ocho has plenty of features that differentiate it, like its 16:9 aspect ratio, real-time filtering, VoiceOver, Timelapse, Upload, and the neat video replies other folks here have made reference to, but the real difference is the culture. We let you put links in captions, so you can drive folks to the properties you care about - and Ocho is full of people sharing their art, their passions, and their authentic selves - not weird dark comedy or pervasive negativity. Let me know if you'd like to find out more - or just follow me @Jourdan on Ocho.
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@jourdanurbach For whatever reason, Ocho keeps hanging when I try to upload video from my iPhone 5's camera roll. Nothing happens after it enters the "trimming..." phase. Just an FYI :)
@jtzou I'm so sorry to hear that Jonathan! I'm assuming you're hanging on a spinning wheel after authorizing a trim before you get to the filter/voiceover screen- right? Have you manually closed the app (double click on home button and swipe away from you) and re-opened it?
As @cvbonello mentioned Ocho is built on awesome tech. The full screen viewing experience is passive, perfect for mobile and features like voiceover are a means to add an extra creative layer to videos originating from any app.