Obsidian Authenticator

Elegant OTP authenticator app for Mac and iPhone

Obsidian is an OTP Authenticator App that synchronizes your tokens seamlessly among Mac, iPhone and iPad, via your iCloud Keychain. Everything wrapped in an elegant and minimal UI.



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Tommaso CarpiMaker@tommycarpi · Software Engineer 🐋
Hello hunters👋, I developed Obsidian ‘cause I really missed a minimalist and fast OTP (One Time Password) Authenticator app on my mac 😝. Given the fact that the whole thing of OTP is to increase security, I built Obsidian to be as solid as a rock, if you know what I mean 😜. Apart from jokes, this app synchronizes your tokens seamlessly among Mac, iPhone and iPad, via your iCloud Keychain. Nothing, and I repeat nothing, flies over any third party server. (To be 100% clear you need your iCloud Keychain to be up and running to see tokens synchronize) What can you do so? Just add your tokens, either scanning a QR code or manually, and they will be kept together in an elegant UI on all your devices. You can use both TOTP and HOTP, and within the Mac app you can also create tokens generated with Base32 secrets. All of this wrapped in a lightning fast copy on clipboard feature, since, we know, time is ticking when we work with OTPs 😂. For what you can use Obsidian? Many services now allow you to use OTP to increase your security, such as Google, preventing strangers access to your accounts. Hope you enjoy Obsidian, I’d really like to know what you think and if you have in mind new features to improve it.
Tregg@treggify · Designer
@tommycarpi I used 4E3633A47A3M Thanks! Trying it out.
Tommaso CarpiMaker@tommycarpi · Software Engineer 🐋
@treggify you're welcome 😄 hope you like it 🙌
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@tommycarpi is there a company behind this?
Tommaso CarpiMaker@tommycarpi · Software Engineer 🐋
@chrismessina I'm sorry there isn't, just an indie developer for now, aka myself. That's the main reason why there is no third party server in between. As I stated in my first comment the whole reason of OTP is to increase security, and it's far from me to reduce it in any way. All the security you will find in here is practically Apple-managed. I don't even require any registration, it's everything up and running with your AppleID and iCloud Keychain.
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@tommycarpi got it. That's interesting — thanks for that feedback. Part of why I ask is really around maintenance, i.e. what is likelihood that this app/service will stick around/be maintained?
Used `RFELHRM33RH6`. Thanks! Always looking for ways to stay secure.
Tommaso CarpiMaker@tommycarpi · Software Engineer 🐋
@hvllows so should everybody 🖖
Jarod Stewart@stewartjarod · Sr. Software Engineer, Yonomi
So basically no chance for Android support?
Tommaso CarpiMaker@tommycarpi · Software Engineer 🐋
@stewartjarod not supported...yet 😄obviously the sync component would change, but yeah never say never 😎
Nathan Scott@ns · Molecular virologist/law student.
I used 9MR99XTJNT6L. Very, very nice interface (although I'd love a number for seconds remaining), and the syncing with TouchID just magically working is great. I mean really great—by far the most painless and convenient synching I've ever used. The only real shortcoming I think is having to enter all the OTP details by hand—It would be good if it had a field just paste in the otpauth://... Otherwise I'm just picking those details apart, especially if I want to migrate from another manager (ie. 1Password) without resetting 2FA on all my accounts 😩 Otherwise, very nicely done 👌