World's first Auto-Director AI Camera

OBSBOT Tail is the world’s first Auto Director AI Video Camera. It’s designed to give video creators a range of exciting new abilities, through premium hardware, a powerful app and advanced algorithms.

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This camera is made for creators who might be independent filmers, start ups, YouTubers and artists. Using gesture controls and AI powered features this camera becomes the best assistant on shoot without anyone having to hold it or operate for you.
This looks absolutely awesome. I make YouTube videos and would be really damn cool for people who record solo or to print with me to conventions. Looking at you NY Comic Con
@unclejessy4real Not sure about NYCC but already live for booking on kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/proj... 😃
An AI Camera Kickstarter where the promo video itself doesn't even use proper sound engineering...
@joshuapinter Joshua, that's funny 😉