A tool that converts Objective-C to Swift

#5 Product of the DayAugust 04, 2015
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For anyone who's had to convert Objective-C to Swift, this tool is a welcome breeze. From my early trials and what others have said, it does a fairly good job. Of course, with Swift changing so fast, the question is whether this converter will stay relevant. Here's hoping it does!
You have no idea (just kidding you probably know better then me) how much time this saves. Thanks for sharing!!! 💯💯💯
We are happy to announce major update to Swiftify (https://www.objectivec2swift.com). From now on, you can convert full files and even XCode projects! The following features are now supported: • Join .h and .m files into .swift file(s); • Merge declarations and implementations of classes, methods and properties; • Convert XCode project file (by replacing .h and .m file references with converted .swift file references).
Second Ali here. Truly simple and instant conversion. I've spoken to the guys there and a big update is coming soon.
This is awesome. I'll continue my love affair with Objective-C for a little while longer thanks to you guys.