Turn your table into an Augmented Reality playground

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Thank you so much Samit for Hunting us! Hey Guys! My name is Max Escaler and I'm one of the co-founders of ToneTree, the company behind OAK. We are creating the first mobile AR platform for consumers. Think of us as Google Cardboard of AR. We're going to be launching with four kits on release: - The Rockstar Kit which lets you transform any surface into any instrument. Just place the included pads down in front of OAK and start jamming! It's like a music studio in your pocket. - The Card Kit which lets you turn your tabletop into a battlefield. Collect powerful AR trading cards, place them in front of the Oak and watch them come to life as you battle your friends. -The Explorer Kit which lets you pilot your own space ship. Use a toy ship to dodge asteroids and battle enemies as you explore deep space. -The Developer Kit which allows you to create your own augmented reality apps. Our powerful SDK is built on top of familiar iOS APIs to make developing AR fast, affordable and easy. You can see the kits in action here:
Don't forget to check out our Kickstarter by clicking the "Learn More" button above! My co-founders and I are here to answer any questions you guys might have! Fire away!
Wow... the fact that they managed to re-purpose ordinary iPhones for augmented reality - at such a low cost - is amazing!
@daspianist Thanks Allan! We've been through many iterations of the product before we got to this point!
Such a cool stuff, and so few comments! There are so many AR & VR news/gadgets/products nowadays, but still this is something unusual for 99% of people. What are your thoughts, when we can see virtual and augmented reality become mainstream?
@paul_shuteyev Thank you so much Paul! We're already seeing VR become mainstream with the advent of Daydream, GearVR, and Cardboard. AR still has a ways to go in the consumer market before it is mainstream but there are a ton of enterprise AR applications already. We're trying to break ground with consumers by offering a unified experience for AR that they can keep coming back to and that developers can keep creating for. We think that's essential for the mass adoption of AR.
This is so cool! Definitely backed, and excited to get one and see it in action. Great job guys ✨
This is an awesome product that I submitted....I've added the makers so they should be here soon for any questions and feedback :)
@samitpatel is your last name really "Marketing"?
@chrismessina Ha....nah just Samit Patel just not available as a semi-famous cricketer is top of google! So Samit Marketing is better.