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Bots, bots and more bots! A great new podcast with a super informative first episode. Must listen if you are creating products or just curious about this bots craze.
@hnshah Thanks for hunting this!
Fantastic podcast - as I've said elsewhere it's the smartest and least hyperbolic take on bots around - Keep it up gents, I can't wait to be a guest ;)
@andymauro if I'm doing the John Hodgman role, maybe you can be the "Lewis Black" of bots?
@peteskomoroch I'm down for some belligerent ranting about bots any.time.
@andymauro Aw, thanks! Looking forward to having you on.
We're in the experimental phase of the bot craze right now; lots of people are testing out ideas in an effort to figure out where bots make sense. In this episode, Pete and I talk about why bots are a big deal right now (short answer: AI + messaging - app store) and try to discern some aspects of bots that seem to resonate.
Excited about this! Subscribed! 🤖 📰
Having fun with this podcast so far -- I'd describe it as a search for intelligent life in the universe of bots. If you know of any bots you are seeing get repeat usage or with interesting abilities let us know.
@peteskomoroch Also let us know if your Amazon Echo woke up during the episode. I've already heard from one friend whose Echo tried to order a kitchen strainer while he was listening :)