Watches infused with meteorite from outer space

To make the watches we melted stainless steel and meteorite to 1800°C to mix the two together to form the watch case. We are trying to get more people to look up, and view things differently. Often if you are struggling with daily tasks or bogged down, putting things into perspective is the best thing to do. ORMOUS - a watch from out of this world.

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Hey everyone (James here) - would love to hear your thoughts and & if you have any questions feel free to ask! We have been working on this for the past two years, jumping over quite a few hurdles along the way! (more than your normal instagram watch!)
@ormous I came across your watches--they sound so cool and I'm very interested in buying one! Couple questions: a)is there anyway I can see a real life sample of one here in Los Angeles? and b) having browsed your website a bit, I'm very curious to know more about the different "stories" behind the different meteorites, who discovered them, what makes one meteorite different from another, etc? Appreciate any more details you can provide, thanks!
@danspacevault Hi Dan! Thanks for reaching out, to answer your questions: a) At this moment we only have retailers stocking our watches in the UK, but we are currently talking to a few Stores in the US who would like to stock our watches, so hopefully soon! b) Sorry for any confusion, the watches are individually named after Asteroids which are currently flying through space. In our first batch of watches (600 pieces) were all constructed from the same Meteorite which crashed in South America, Each watch is individually marked (1 of 600, 2 of 600...) and linked to the Meteorite. We will only ever produce watches in Batches of 600 and each will be specifically linked/melted with one Large Meteorite! - I hope that helps clear up any questions you might have had Dan? We are working on the website to make that more obvious, as still quite a few customers don't even realise the watch contains Meteorite that has been travelling through space for millions of years! We have Free DHL Express Delivery Worldwide (and Free customs Clearance). Please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the team should you have any further questions! Kind regards, James O R M O U S
Wow, what? Where'd you get the meteorite, @ormous?
@rrhoover Woah! Hi Ryan (Very excited to speak with you) - the meteorite originates from Argentina but I contacted an Oxford lecturer to help import it into the UK. Its about 4,000 years old. Really excited you messaged me Ryan :D Can't believe it.
Wooooooah woaaah woaaah what! WHAT! This is so dope. How many will be made? What inside is made from the meteorite? What movement is in them? Are they only gonna be quartz or are you going to make some automatic ones? Loving everything here, from the brand aesthetics, the thing you're doing all the way to your IG profile. PS Isn't 1 year warranty kinda short for a watch?
@ianissoawesome Thanks Ian - really appreciate the kind words :) So we will only ever make 600 watches per meteorite, so each batch of watches is always linked to a actual meteorite that has travelled through space. Each watch is individually marked 1 of 600, 2 of 600, 3 of 600 and so forth. Ian, the casing is the part made with melted stainless steel & meteorite. When we were doing the first tests, we struggled to cut the meteorite in two - on the outside a meteorite is almost like a matte black, but once you open it up, its a bright silver with really distinctive brushed lines through it. Really strange feeling opening up something that has been unchanged for thousands of years travelling through time and space! So initially we are using a Swiss Quartz movement, but we have plans to introduce British made automatic movements! We use the 1 year warranty as standard, and there after if there are any issues, a customer should contact us for support. At the end of the day we want people to be happy with our watches :) Really, really thank you Ian for the questions and kind words. James!
Wutttt 😳 Absolutely magic! Who designed this beauty?
@loickm Thanks Loïck! Jennifer Lafer designed the watches and she is part of the O R M O U S team as creative director. Jennifer has been behind the packaging, watch design and a lot more. Jenny doesn't have a product hunt account yet (I know haha) but she will have one soon! Thanks again Loïck :)

I bought the KAHO watch after I saw it on Product hunt.

Each watch is infused with meteorite and comes with an additional meteorite in a test tube - which I did not expect!


Lovely design, great concept behind watch


no cons