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it crashed on my mac... and now i'm in a boot loop(on-off)
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@jpequod delete your ~/nylas folder
@itsthisjustin @jpequod he's in a boot loop. John, start in safe mode.
@jpequod Hey! I'm one of the N1 developers—It sounds like N1's sqlite database may have been corrupted. Try deleting `~/.nylas/edgehill.db`, and if that doesn't work, delete the whole folder. There have been a few other reports of the database becoming corrupt when the app crashes. We'll be addressing it in an update soon!
My email is going through their servers? No thanks.
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@arminrosu They open sourced their sync engine so you can host the data yourself https://github.com/nylas/sync-en...
@pfista Thanks for the link! That is nice, but I'm not going to run a server just to use a mail client. And I don't think a regular user would either.
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Great email client! Can't wait for PGP support
i totally understand to move to a subscription model if the maintenance of the Nylas Cloud is coupled with running costs. my question is: why is the Nylas Cloud necessary? Pretty much all desktop mail solutions don't have this problem. i was very excited about nylas for its customization capabilities and its open source-ness. both are seemingly here to stay but now they come coupled with my least favorite money-making-model: a subscription. i like to stay off subscriptions and contracts as much as i can. until now i wasn't even expecting mail clients to enter this territory, so as of right now i'm not liking this move.
Installed on my Windows, it's rare for Windows users getting some love but thanks for your love :)