Nylas N1 Email App

The extensible, open source mail client.

#2 Product of the DayOctober 05, 2015
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1 Review5.0/5
Actually giving N1 a chance. Few bugs arose, some of them are critical for UX (for example, inability to add more then 1 account and mail archive not loading properly), but I hope this is the side-effect of launch and everything will become stable soon. I love the concept and this piece of software IMHO can potentially be the new Sparrow in terms of fresh and powerful approach (not in terms of selling to Google I hope).
@vladzima Hey Vlad-- this is fixed in the latest update! :)
tried while it was free, sure it would have been free forever. Now I found even the most basic features are going to be limited to the paid version. We are talking of almost 10$ a month SUBSCRIPTION payment. Trashed in an instant. I regret so much the time spent trying to migrate to this software.
This looks awesome! Would love to build the plugin for sales reps on top of this.
This... looks amazing! Excited to try and extend.
Looks very nice! Any invite out there?
@tnsrig there's a download link on the site
@jongold @tnsrig Yeah but once clicked it says the demand is too high and to enter your email and wait for an invite.