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Nice design detail here, set up your account while waiting for the app to download
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@david_diam Thanks for noticing! We really want people to get to experience Nylas Mail ASAP - and having that form there helps with the parallel processes.
@david_diam it pretty much looks like MacOS mail, with the ability to change themes...
@notyouravedelta It's so much better than that though. So glad they decided to make this available again. My favourite mail client 😍
How's your privacy policy?
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"The best free email app you'll ever try" - well that sounds like an objective description.
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Nylas launched N1 on Product Hunt a little over a year ago: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Then last year launched our Pro version: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Now, we're launching Nylas Mail - our latest and greatest, now totally free forever. We've completely rebuilt the architecture to allow us to provide a seamless, lovely desktop email experience for free while still having the plugin architecture to allow you to customize Nylas Mail to your needs. Open tracking, link tracking, enhanced contacts, customizable themes, and our Unified Inbox are available for everyone in this new release. The difference between this Nylas Mail we launching today and the previous Nylas N1 is that N1 was paid, and this is totally free (and totally rebuilt architecture, blah blah). We actually have kept N1 as a separate product called Nylas Pro that you can upgrade to. (Business nerds: we've essentially switched from a free trial model to a freemium model.) More info on our CEO's blog post as well: https://blog.nylas.com/nylas-mai... We hope you'll try it - because we know you'll love it.
@sachinag What's going to happen to N1 now? Are you going to kill off Nylas Mail next year and write a brand new app? I'm confused what's going on.
@dubstrike N1 has now been renamed Nylas Pro - if you have a subscription (or the old coupon codes), you're good to go. You can see a comparison at https://nylas.com/pricing
@sachinag one reason I stoped using it was because of not wanting to pay for another email product
Snoozing only available on Pro? How is it better than the other free email apps that have snoozing? Seems like a rather basic feature today.