NYC Mesh

Community owned network that replaces your ISP.

NYC Mesh is a neutral network that does not block or discriminate content. We do not collect, store, monitor, or log any user traffic or content that passes through our network.

We can connect whole buildings by wireless for speeds between 80 Mbps up to 1 Gbps, or by fiber at 20 Gbps.

Say hello on slack or meet us at a meetup (links at top right)

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This is super interesting. Is this operating now? If so, has anyone used it before? I'm curious of the reliability and speed in these early days.
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@rrhoover Hi! NYC Mesh is currently operating and has more than 200 buildings now connected to the network, with many more users than that. Speed varies depending on distance and connection type, but is fairly typical to see >100 Mbps both ways with low latency. Otherwise, will let users chime in for themselves on their experiences. Here is the latest newsletter from a few days ago detailing current expansion efforts:
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@rrhoover @_kuritz Will be interesting to see if more communities globally follow your lead to protect their privacy / access content their govts have banned.
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@rrhoover @abadesi We are hoping they do! Worth pointing out privacy and content access is not the only concern though. Across the US and globally, broadband access is still very limited, and we hope to fix that with the community network model. NYC's latest report from earlier this year estimates 31% of households lack a broadband connection. 17% of households lack any internet connection whatsoever. If non-new-yorkers do a quick search they might be surprised to see there are similar community initiatives getting started in their own cities. We have had a number of interested people in other areas login to our slack looking for info, and try to help anyway we can. If you are interested in joining or starting a mesh in your city and can't find anything with a search, feel free to ask us on and we'll connect you with other interested people in your area or get you started if you are the first.
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@rrhoover @_kuritz Brilliant, thanks
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You say that "If for some reason the internet is shut down by a fascist dictator, the mesh will still work." Won't you face legal problems if government can't block you?
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@asmekhov It would probably be helpful to know exactly where you read that for the surrounding context, but can make an attempt to answer without it. What that statement seems to be implying is that NYC Mesh is a private network that happens to provide connection to the larger internet. What this means is that if our internet connection goes down for any reason, including your above scenario, devices on NYC Mesh can still network with each other. Without an internet connection, you would not be able to reach google maps, for example, but someone on NYC Mesh might be running a private server that provides a maps service that would still be reachable. We hope to host a number of local services on the mesh for both daily use and resiliency in case of an emergency that would cause loss of internet. This actually occurred in NYC during Hurricane Sandy. I don't think the statement meant to imply that NYC Mesh was unable to be shutdown by a fascist dictator if they really wanted to do so. Hopefully we never see this scenario in the US and don't have to find out.
This is rocking my world. Thank you to all the people before me. I volunteer tech support for a homeless shelter and we are desperately in need of something better than the 5 mbps that Verizon so graciously gives us for $75/month via DSL.
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@robcomputerguy we would love to get you on the mesh if its possible! If you haven't done so yet, fill our join form: which will light up a potential node on our map at your location. Let me know if you have any questions!
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@_kuritz this is neat. We should talk -- I could get a number of people and businesses using this in Crown Heights.
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@blake Thanks! Looking forward to chatting :)