Streaming box with Google Assistant and Google Cast.

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Fresh out of CES, nVIDIA just announced their updated Android TV with Google Assistant and Google Cast. This is the first device other than Google's own Pixel and Google Home to have Google Assistant baked in. Glad to see Google Assistant grow. It is available for pre-order now: https://www.amazon.com/NVIDIA-SH...
@chakkaradeep Nice! I'd been wondering why these have been sold out for so long, I figured maybe a new model was coming along and here it is!. I picked one of these up cheap a year ago during the Black Friday Sales when I finally got frustrated with my WDLive. I have never been more happy about a purchase. The Nvidia Shield is simply an amazing home entertainment product, and the fact that it's Android just gives you so much flexibility in what you can do. The previous model already has pretty awesome voice and casting capabilities, so it'll be interesting to see what additional value Assistant/Cast brings to the table. I'll be sure to order another one before too long to replace the other WDLive I have that's been frustrating me.
This makes the third device—along with Pixel and Google Home—to have Google Assistant. I find it interesting GA is baked into the SHIELD TV, but not the Nexus 5x or Nexus 6p, phones released by Google just 15 months ago. Given GA is a software feature, there is no good reason (to my knowledge at least) why it is not enabled on the Nexus devices. My experience with GA on my Google Home is great though—nice to see the ecosystem grow.
Nice. It's a great product video for genetically engineered space robots or a new Transformers-Matrix-James Bond crossover movie.
Pretty darn good lookin' 😍
Easiest pre-order of my LIFE