Nuzzel for Android

Nuzzel's News From Your Friends comes to Android finally

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Nuzzel changes everything. I never feel like I've missed anything on Twitter. Nuzzel always has my back by making sure the stuff I need to read doesn't get by me.
@sacca I rarely look at Product Hunt but had to sign in just so I can say how awesome Nuzzel is. All FOMO is gone and I can actually concentrate on work.
Since Nuzzel's iOS launch last year, we've been inundated with requests for an Android app. We've gone through multiple cycles of review and feedback with various design teams at Google to make sure Nuzzel for Android will meet the expectations of Android users worldwide
@abrams congrats on the launch! a couple questions: 1) What are some of the biggest things you've learned from users over the past year? 2) How do you prioritize what gets built?
@abrams congrats to you and the team!
@eriktorenberg Good questions, but ones I cannot answer quickly!
Long before I invested I was a DAU. This product is my first source for news and helps me find signal in the noise. The lists features are INSANELY helpful. Nuzzel on.
@mazzeo pretty damn strong endorsement
Ahhh, this app makes me happy. It's such a great way to find important stories.
I've been using this product since pretty much the beginning and that's by far one of my best source of news. I follow people on social networks for what they speak about, so getting a summarize of what my network most spoke about is obviously what I can't miss.