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#3 Product of the DayNovember 20, 2015

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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
I love Nuzzel... the combo of this and pocket makes my life so much easier (minus the build up of articles I am yet to read) So what's new in 2.0: • Search for top news stories on any topic. • Discover feeds on thousands of topics and communities. • Add any feed to your favourite feeds and easily swipe between feeds. - LOVE this Hopefully @abrams will join us and tell us what has been going on over there :) Wahoo 💃
Jonathan Abrams
Jonathan AbramsMaker@abrams · Engineer, entrepreneur, and investor
@bentossell thanks Ben!
Lucas Lindsey
Lucas Lindsey@urbnist · Executive Director, Domi Station
@bentossell Also enjoying it. Thanks for recommending it to me.
Niv Dror
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
I use Nuzzel every day, multiple times a day. Check Twitter, check email, check Nuzzel. It's wear I read the news. I save articles to Pocket all the time but never actually read them. With Nuzzel it's where I know there will be new stuff -- the right stuff -- that I need to be updated on all the time. Congrats to the team on the Nuzzel 2.0 Launch 😀 @abrams @heyyyjay @javiervegas @josemontesdeoca @mackinra
Jose Montes de Oca
Jose Montes de OcaMaker@josemontesdeoca · Google
@nivo0o0 thanks! glad to read you use Nuzzel every day 8-)
Nobel Chang
Nobel Chang@nobelchang · Co-founder & CEO of Easy Streak
My favorite feature is that it shows how many of my friends are looking at a certain story. Definitely something I haven't seen before. Great job to the makers of Nuzzel!
Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Curious to see Nuzzel drop the Twitter sign in requirement... this means they must have enough organic signals and/or existing user information that recommendations can be made without sucking on the Twitter nozzle. Interesting!
Jonathan Abrams
Jonathan AbramsMaker@abrams · Engineer, entrepreneur, and investor
@chrismessina we are still using Twitter data, but packaging it for use by people who don't use Twitter already
Frederik Creemers
Frederik Creemers@_bigblind · student, Maastricht University
@abrams @chrismessina That's amazing! How do you get the initial recommendations? Do you just ask people for their interests?
Shaan Puri
Shaan Puri@shaanvp · ceo, Monkey Inferno
Love Nuzzel, it gives the web an 'editor' who can surface a handful of the best reads each day. @abrams we spend a lot of time at Blab talking about growth. How do you and your team think about growth for Nuzzel?