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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 10, 2015
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Nuu was inspired by Product Hunt. We’re creating a platform to help new places reach a community of early, potential customers who like to discover and try new things. I’ll be keeping an eye on this feed today, would love to hear some feedback and happy to answer any questions!
Recently a friend told me about a new arcade bar in SF called Brewcade, after I questioned why none existed in the city. Nuu could be useful but I'm not going to visit the site on a regular basis. A weekly email digest would be more useful for me. Btw, Sosh surfaces a lot of cool venues and events in SF and other major cities.
@rrhoover Hi Ryan. On Nuu we send a weekly digest listing places opening over the next 7 days, in the cities you follow. We also send a daily digest for any new places added the previous day. Perhaps we should roll that up into the weekly mailer (or at least have the option) so you aren't getting mailed too frequently.
@shylands ahh, I missed that! I'd suggest making the email subscription CTA very obvious. We promote our email digest at the top of Product Hunt and receive hundreds of new subscribers daily. Email is a big part of what makes PH work.
@rrhoover Yeah you’re right we need to make it more obvious. Part of our challenge is only providing users with places in locations that are of interest to them. We’ve tried to deal with this by building functionality allowing users to follow cities (and in the near future neighbourhoods). So we need more info than just their email address for them to get true value from Nuu. We definitely still need to perfect our signup flow. Thanks for the feedback!
YPlan and Dojo are doing a good job of surfacing interesting places to go in London, but their choices are limited and often quite subjective. I like the idea of a user-curated list, hopefully it will lead to a more objective overview of the best new places in a city. I'm interested to see how this goes!
@lucasjgordon Hey Lucas. Yeah I've used both in London, great tools to find out what to do on a given day, but the choices do come across as quite pre-determined. We see Nuu as more of a platform to help get the word out about the best new places, and to get their owners valuable feedback before and after launch.
@shylands It looks very promising so far, I look forward to discovering some awesome new places!
Love love love love love love love love love this product. Always enjoy receiving emails about the new places popping up in Belfast - can't wait to visit & explore them all when I'm home. Sick work guys :)
Congrats on the launch! @shylands what made you feel that this was an actual problem? I mean there are various competitors pushing content between apps and content guys. This market feels much more competitive and different than what Product Hunt is addressing. Good luck!
@vivekmgeorge Thanks! We feel there’s a need for a great platform that provides a single goto resource to find new places in your area, and at the same time, help new places announce and market themselves to their target audience of typical early adopters. This is mainly done via Twitter/FB/Instagram/blog features but reaching the right people can be tricky. We have the concept of an opening date for every place added, so you can add your place before launch and followers of its city will be notified when it opens. In the future we’ll be looking at ways to †allow places on Nuu to stay engaged with their followers. For example enabling owners to notify customers of what is new in their place on a given day (food specials, beer on tap etc).