Snap 3 pictures to create a short & sweet cinematic story

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This is slick. I didn't realize it was recording video and audio until after I took three snaps but the hyperlapse jump between each photo somehow works. Here's my beautiful nutshell. Update: here's a nutshell from the Product Hunt HQ fire escape.
Awesome visual storytelling app created by Prezi. I hope @somlaifischer can jump in to answer questions.
Yeah, the animated figures are hilarious! :)
"Thanks @csbias for posting this here. Hi everybody, It's Adam from Prezi. We created Nutshell to help you guys capture and share visual stories, visual haikus. Happy to answer any question."
@somlaifischer Good work, Adam. They really give you a better sense of context.
Great concept, but the 130MB download barrier would block a lot of potential users. This kind of apps got to have low storage footprint, most of the phones are still sold with 16GB.