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Metabolic Syndrome is affecting more than half of the US population. People can reverse their condition without drugs through diet, sleep and exercise. The lifestyle solution is in our web-app.

  • Mad Mat
    Mad MatRebel. Leader. Fighting underdog.

    Simple, very fast


    None so far

    As a keto disciple, I've found that there are not nearly as many good resources to make successful keto runs as needed. This may be the first one I've seen. Great job, thanks

    Mad Mat has used this product for one day.
  • Kathy Duke
    Kathy DukeI'm a Canadian and I love Nutrita

    Nutrita is very clearly informative


    No cons

    I am always learning new things concerning Keto with nutrita

    Kathy Duke has used this product for one month.
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Cathy Bridges
Cathy Bridges@cbridges
At last! Someone has put the keto score, nutritional density AND the insulin response of a food all in the same place for easy reference. The green/yellow/red indicators are helpful. I'm looking forward to the mobile app. I am a health coach at Undo Type 2 Diabetes and will be recommending it to my clients.
guillaume palayer
guillaume palayer@guillaume_palayer
@cbridges We're glad you liked it.
The web app is flawless can’t wait to try the mobile app! Great product and really something that our society needs for better nutrition and health. Thanks for contributing to a better world!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This is really well done (cc @suzywillow)
Raphi Sirt
Raphi SirtMaker@raphaels7
@suzywillow thank you @rrhoover !! this is just preview of sorts of what we can do, can't wait to show you our iterations
Sachin@ze_rusty · Freelance UX'er
This is amazing. Such good UI and its free.
Dan Dan
Dan Dan@tostartafire · Web Dev.
Quick feedback... cancel the return key on the search bar, since you search as you type... the return key at times seems to trigger a page reload.
guillaume palayer
guillaume palayerMaker@guillaumpalayer · BuiDl & Ship.
@tostartafire Yup, that's the plan for the next iteration. Thanks for taking the time to test. We're building right now a new search experience with a smarter way to merge search x sorting. Stay tuned <3