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Metabolic Syndrome is affecting more than half of the US population. People can reverse their condition without drugs through diet, sleep and exercise. The lifestyle solution is in our web-app.

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Edouard Monfort
Mad Mat
Kathy Duke
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  • Mad Mat
    Mad MatRebel. Leader. Fighting underdog.

    Simple, very fast


    None so far

    As a keto disciple, I've found that there are not nearly as many good resources to make successful keto runs as needed. This may be the first one I've seen. Great job, thanks

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  • Kathy Duke
    Kathy DukeI'm a Canadian and I love Nutrita

    Nutrita is very clearly informative


    No cons

    I am always learning new things concerning Keto with nutrita

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  • Pros: 

    Based on the best science


    Not al functionality is finished

    The foodlists on Nutrita are based on the latest scientific insights.

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  • Luiggi Acosta Aredo
    Luiggi Acosta AredoI'm a person interested in learning

    It's very accurate in many levels, and it's very useful for having a whole picture about the foods we eat.


    It would be good if the team add filters about the source of the food, animal or plant-based.

    Well i'm very interested on see how this product develop in the future

    Luiggi Acosta Aredo has used this product for one month.