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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 01, 2015
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Hey there! I'm Ovi, one of the co-founders of nugget! Get Smarter in 5 Seconds: Swipe Through the World's Best Books. Do you wish you could read more books... but never find the time? Think over the last six months. Imagine how much smarter you'd be, if you could get the main takeaways of just ONE more book per month. Now, you can read books 5 seconds at a time. With nugget, you can swipe through the BEST business books. It's like Tinder for your brain. nugget is a highly visual app that helps you discover, remember and share the best content of books that make you better. Think GoodReads quotes meets Instagram. A nugget is highly visual book soundbite. A short standalone quote from a book, that brings value on its own. nuggets are either an inspirational quote or an actionable quote accompanied by a relevant background image for more impact so you remember it easier. If you want to write about nugget - just reach out - Ovi at
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@ovinegrean Great to see Nugget here! Product seems useful and I'm giving it a chance since I've always looking for an app that give me smart pills from nice books!
@rodrigoprior Rodrigo, I think I'll use that: "smart pills from nice books" :D Love it! :D
@ovinegrean Whoa apparently I'm in here. Cool thanks
@ryanholiday You're welcome, Ryan! :)
Awesome, I intend on using the hell out of this. :D
@violetanedkova We hope you'll like it more and more with each new version :-D
Thanks for putting pictures into books that lack them. This is hero-level work!
@kkdub Kelly - I'll make a mug out of this. Love it! :D Thanks a lot!
Given this is basically lead gen for books, you'll be able to get authors on board pretty easily to do AMAs and the like, which is cool because selling books is a pain. What's more interesting to me personally is the other side, the annotation potential for this - create my own cards from my books with my thoughts, publish those etc.
@shloky That's (part of) our plan, Shlok! And adding your own is #1 on our next features priority list, indeed! :-)
Love the idea! I already enjoyed 'blinkist', but this is even more effective! Looking forward to using it! Good luck!
@j3ffyoung Wow Jeff! You went straight to my heart with this one. I like Blinkist too, but I think there's place for both of us. Different flavours of becoming better through books, in an efficient matter :-)