Visual quotes from business and personal development books

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Ovi Negrean
@ovinegrean · Founder @getnuggetapp, @underdogsio
Well this was bound to happen.. Our site was down.. Luckily our team got it right back up! :-D Way to go nugget team!


Ovi Negrean
@ovinegrean · Founder @getnuggetapp, @underdogsio
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Violeta Nedkova
@violetanedkova · Marketing Coach Extraordinaire
Awesome, I intend on using the hell out of this. :D
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
@kkdub · Coach: Grow Your Biz w/o the Crazy
Thanks for putting pictures into books that lack them. This is hero-level work!
Shlok Vaidya
@shloky · Integration Product at Planview, Writer
Given this is basically lead gen for books, you'll be able to get authors on board pretty easily to do AMAs and the like, which is cool because selling books is a pain. What's more interesting to me personally is the other side, the annotation potential for this - create my own cards from my books with my thoughts, publish those etc.
Jeff Young
@j3ffyoung · Start Up Enthusiast
Love the idea! I already enjoyed 'blinkist', but this is even more effective! Looking forward to using it! Good luck!