The sexiest app ever, using AI to keep your ๐Ÿ™ˆ photos private

Nude is a secure vault for all of your naughty photos.

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1) the branding is like writing "TOP SECRET, KEEP OUT" on your childhood journal. 2) I heard that they upload your photos to their servers โ€” if this is true, *are you serious* or did you miss the April 1st launch date?
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#protip donโ€™t expose (ha!) sensitive photos to a cloud service.
@jonprice Request for startup: a way to share intimate pictures/videos with your SO without using cloud service.
Wire? Signal? Tons of encrypted E2E/D2D alternatives?
To people willing to try this out: There is a foolproof way to hide nudes. Don't click it. If you have to, don't store it. Deep-clean your device.
@pradeep_io I'm afraid I must say I couldn't agree more.
Whenever the Makers show up.. I understood it executes its proposed functionality on an offline basis using CoreML (natively) for devices using iOS 11-onwards, right? However, how can it be fully offline for iOS devices on 10.0 or lower if it obligatorily uses Facebook's AI Caffe2 framework for that? Is it even online for devices on iOS 10 or older? I'm confused, could you explain? I'm interested particularly in how you guys solved that (100% online/offline), way more than the functionality itself of the app. Frankly, I honestly think it's a rather weird choice of use for AI. I mean, if one has to resort/trust interpretative AI to sort out nude pictures.. come on :) one should not even carry a smartphone in the first place. I also didn't fly with the name.. Do you guys even do any UX & research before getting to codework, or do you just jump straight into Developing after a couple of brainstorms? I fail to identify usage at scale, purpose and AI as a driving technology -- plus, $1/month subscription? Perhaps I'm not in the targeted niche, but as a po/designer.. why? PS: What happened to using Wire or Signal for really private all-things (including nudes)?
Where are we using artificial intelligence and machine learning? At a place where you can be saved from some embarrassment. Consider the week-old article about P*rnhub tagging actors and vids using AI and now this app that uses ML to save yourself from getting into trouble. Jessica Chiu and Y.C. Chen are the founders, please tag them if you find them.