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I thought it was a new compression platform :(
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@ykguler you and me both... 😢
@as_austin @ykguler check out this curation for some inspiration on how to start a compression platform ;)
@arunagrahri That reply.. you sir are awesome!
Hello Product Hunt! We’re excited to invite you to be one of the first to know about our public beta launch! At Nucleus, we're building a new kind of professional network. Where the strength of the connection matters more than the number of connections. You can read all about our mission right here - Whether you want to build a strong network of relationships or want to curate the best of the web on your topic of interest, get started with Nucleus. You deserve a strong network and we’d love you to join us in our mission. Take it for a spin and let us know if you hit any road bumps along the way. Andrew and I will be around all day to answer any questions.
This does look v similar to Refind - what would be the big advantages of someone using this over that?
@bentossell Thanks Ben for the question. A couple of key differences: Nucleus is the professional network for your relationships. Relationships get stronger when we communicate and weaker when we don’t. But without context, it's hard to start a conversation. So, we picked the most common activity of every professional, i.e. reading. By curating your inspiring reads, you're providing context to your network that helps you reconnect with your network. This is also why we favor private 1:1 messaging over public comments. But we also need a tool that's useful while you're waiting for your core network to join. That's why we have curation but our goal is to use it to power stronger relationships.
Brilliant! Very intuitive and friendly. I like it!
@3raxton thanks! :)
Looks like a direct competitor of Refind (
@core thanks for the comment. While there are some overlaps with refind, our ambitions are very different. Our mission is to empower every professional to build a strong network of relationships. Curating your best reads provides context to your network which sparks regular conversations and hence stronger relationships. I've shared a longer version of our vision here: