Public radio made personal.

#4 Product of the DayJuly 28, 2014
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Christina Warren
Christina Warren@film_girl · Senior Cloud Developer Advocate
Really great user experience and a GREAT app. I'm always so impressed by NPR's tech prowess. Even in the early days of the app stores, NPR was consistently one of the few radio providers (forget about public radio) who had a robust native and mobile web solution available. I really like the direction of this app and look forward to seeing it evolve. Great work NPR!
Michael Seid
Michael Seid@mbseid · Founder & CTO, Naytev
You have to try this. It is really awesome, whether or not you are a fan of Public Radio. NPR One provides a personalized stream with some amazing content. Been using this since it was in private beta and it is such a fun experience. Seen first hand all the members of the NPR Tech Team build it and the amount of love they poured into the app. It really shows. Congrats to the team for launching it, it has been a long time in the works.
Darren Tome
Darren Tome@dtome · Product @ Mashable
Wow - that onboarding walkthrough was amazing. Kudos to the NPR team on the launch!
Michael Seifollahi
Michael Seifollahi@mikeseif · Lead Mobile Developer, NPR
@dtome cheers! That was by far one of the most fun parts to work on, a really in depth collaboration between the editorial producers, designer, and developers.
Colin Devroe
Colin Devroe@cdevroe · Co-founder, Plain
Love NPR
Adam Kazwell
Adam Kazwell@kaz · Product manager/observer
Love the clean UI and audio walkthrough to start, but confused by how the search works...Typed in "All Things Considered" and "Radiolab" and I get "You've stumped us" in return...anyone else experiencing similar things?
Tim Cigelske
Tim Cigelske@teecycletim · Social Media Director, Marquette Unive…
@kaz Same here.
Michael Seifollahi
Michael Seifollahi@mikeseif · Lead Mobile Developer, NPR
@kaz there were some issues with search indexing that we've resolved. Most full shows available should be showing up in search results now.