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Nozbe is a task & project management tool for teams and busy professionals.

Create tasks, delegate them, communicate through comments, attach files. Anytime, on any device.

Share your project templates to promote your content as a full-featured checklist. ✅

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Hello there! Thanks @emreoktem for the hunt! I'm thrilled to see Nozbe on Product Hunt. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. In 2005, I started coding Nozbe for myself, with no intention of going public. After two years I realized this tool worked for me so I shared it with the world... and now, 10 years after the official launch, Nozbe helps 400k users from all over the world to get their stuff done: * Manage tasks and projects. Set deadlines, categories, responsibility, and more. All in a simple, unified interface 💫 * Communicate through tasks with comments, attachments and integrations 🗣 * Create templates for you, your team and whoever gets your link 🔗 * Work any time you want. Sync when you're online. 🌍 * Use Nozbe on all main platforms: Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, Apple Watch & web ⌚📱💻 * It's all about productive, asynchronous work! Me and my team are crazy tech & productivity geeks. If you share our passion, you can meet me on The Podcast (, No Office Blog ( and my personal blog ( Now, to celebrate the moment, you can skip the 30-day trial, and use the following link to get 2 extra months with a yearly subscription, valid until the end of April '17: 🎉 Looking forward to hearing your feedback and questions! — Michael
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Stas Kulesh
Creative Director @
@msliwinski @emreoktem Glad to see you guys are still going strong. I've been using Nozbe years ago, love your GTD passion!
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@stas_kulesh Thanks for the heads up! You might want to check us out now, we've changed a lot over the years and have some really cool things in the pipeline!
Robby MilesSystematize Your Platform
Nozbe has been the core of my productivity system since 2013 and still helps me stay focused on what really matters. Before I found Nozbe, I spent way too much time on the “productivity app treadmill” trying to find the right apps. It turns out that apps don’t solve problems, systems do. After finding Nozbe, I was able to create a system that is simplified, integrated, and automated. Even more, I didn’t have to worry about trying any more apps because Nozbe can be tailored to each user and be as simple or complex as needed. Nozbe is the only tool I trust to keep track of everything and I have to share it with the world. I like Nozbe so much, I worked my tail off to become a Nozbe Ambassador and help others learn how to get the most out of it. The Nozbe team is awesome, the customer service is awesome, and the regular improvements are awesome. Just like the Lego movie...everything is awesome!
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