Now Do This

The one-at-a-time todo list

I've used many todo lists over the years but nothing is as simple and effective as Now Do This. It's become a part of my daily routine. If you want more advanced features, such as tabs and timers, you can read about them here:
@courtstarr why is this more effective than some of the others you've used?
@eriktorenberg Mainly because it only displays one task at a time. It allows me to keep my focus and not bounce around. I must finish something before I move on. I'm personally able to get more accomplished this way.
Cool. I often get overwhelmed looking at a whole list of things and sometimes don't prioritize well either. Is this web only as of now?
@lee94josh Yes, but you it works well on iOS and you can add a bookmark icon on your home screen. Looks nice. I don't know about Android bookmarks.
Looks good though I will be happy to use it along with other todo lists to stay aware of the big picture. For reference, I use and I love it for its simplicity of use.
Fun! I built a similar app earlier this year (for fun): a to-do list that could only hold 5 items at a time and was wiped clean at the end of the day. Urgency is important to stay productive.